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Development history


  •  1994: Basing on the Joint -venture Contract & Charter signed by legal representatives of Vietnam Container Shipping Company (i.e. being now replaced by Vietnam National Shipping Lines) and 05 Japanese partners and subject to the related legal procedures submitted to SCCI (It now becomes Vietnam Ministry of Planning & Investment) for issuing of Investment License no.1099/GP dated Dec. 31st 1994 for establishment of VIJACO.
  •  1997: Official member of VCCI
  •  2001: Official member of VIFFAS
  •  2002: The Certificate of ISO 9001:2000 being approved & issued  by SGC to VIJACO on 22th Oct.,
  •  2003: Acting as the Forwarder of Vietnam airlines Corp.,
  •  2004: The amended investment License no.1099/GP- 04 & 05 being issued by MPI to VIJACO for its establishment of Branch office in HCMC and office at Nomura - Haiphong Industry Zone.
  •  2005: Basing on the Decision no.1013/QDUB being issued by Quang Ninh city dated 12th April, representative office of VIACO in Quang Ninh has been set up.                         
    VIJACO has become the common shareholder of Noi bai Cargo Terminal Service JSC
  •  2007: Basing on the Decision no.961/QD-TCHQ issued by Vietnam General Customs dated 30th May VIJACO has constructed & carried out the bonded warehouse service at Nomura-Haiphong Industry Zone.
    Basing on the Decision no.2658/HQHP dated 8th May, VIJACO has received the Certificate of competent customs Broker from Haiphong Customs office.
  •  2008: Subject to the Circular no.101/2006/ND-CP of Vietnam government & investment Law no.59/2005/QH11 dated 29th Nov., 2005, representatives of both parties of VIJACO have signed the amended Joint-venture Contract & Charter on 9th June and other legal procedures to summit to the competent Authorities of  Vietnam and received the investment Certificate no.021022000111 dated 4th July, 2008
  • 2014: The Haiphong People’s Committee grants the Investment Certificate No. 021022000111 on the 22 September 2014, certifying the 2nd amendment of Investment Certificate for VIJACO to extend its operation time of further 5 years. 


    2015: The Investor HONDA TRADING Corp. transfers its investment portion to the Investor KANEMATSU Corp. The number of Investors of VIJACO remains 5, according to the amended Investment Certificate granted by The Haiphong People’s Committee on 25 March 2015.
  • 2017: In implementing the Decree No. 118/2015/NÐ-CP dated 12 November 2015 of Government promulgating and guiding details of the Investment Law, VIJACO gets the Certificate of Enterprise Registration No. 0200114893 by the Haiphong Planning & Investment Dept. for the first grant dated 4 July 2008, the 4th amendment dated 21 July 2017, and the Investment Certificate No. 021022000111 of 4th amendment dated 12 August 2017.


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